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Từ điển Hàn Anh (Korean English Dictionary)

수습 [收拾] control; settlement.ㆍ ∼ 방안을 논의하다 discuss measures to save the situation.ㆍ 사태 ∼에 힘쓰다 make an effort to put the situation under control.ㆍ 사태는 ∼이 어렵게 되었다 The situation got out of control[hand].ㆍ ∼하다 control; get under control; save.ㆍ ∼하기 어려운 difficult[hard] to deal with / hard to manage[control / settle].ㆍ 민심을 ∼하다 gain public opinion / win the hearts of the people.ㆍ 사건을 ∼하다 settle a matter / put[give] an end to a matter.ㆍ 원만히 ∼하다 reach a peaceful settlement.ㆍ 사태는 ∼할 수 없게 되었다 The situation got out of control[hand].ㆍ 마침내 우리는 사태를 ∼했다 We finally settled the matter. / We have the situation under control[in hand] now.ㆍ 나는 변명으로 얼버무려 그 자리를 ∼하였다 I made an excuse to patch things up[gloss things over] for the moment.ㆍ 나는 어떻게 ∼해야 좋을지 몰라 난감했다 I was utterly at a loss how to smooth things over.ㆍ 말썽이 원만히 ∼되었다 The trouble was settled amicably.▷ 수습 위원회 a committee entrusted to control the situation.수습 [修習] apprenticeship; probation.ㆍ ∼ 중이다 be on probation / be in training.ㆍ ∼하다 practice oneself < in a trade >; receive training < in >; learn < by observation >.ㆍ 사무를 ∼하다 learn the business routine of an office.▷ 수습 간호사 a student nurse; < 英 > a probationer nurse.▷ 수습공 an apprentice.▷ 수습 기간 a probationary[probation] period; (계시의) a period of apprenticeship[probation].▷ 수습 기자 a cub reporter; a junior reporter.▷ 수습 사원 a probationary employee.▷ 수습생 an apprentice student; a trainee; a probationer.▷ 수습 선원 a landsman.▷ 수습 제도 an apprenticeship scheme; a learner's training system.

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