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composite plant

considered the most highly evolved dicotyledonous plants, characterized by florets arranged in dense heads that resemble single flowers
Derivationally related forms:
composite (for: composite)
compass plant, compass flower, everlasting, everlasting flower, mayweed,
dog fennel, stinking mayweed, stinking chamomile, Anthemis cotula, yellow chamomile, golden marguerite,
dyers' chamomile, Anthemis tinctoria, corn chamomile, field chamomile, corn mayweed, Anthemis arvensis,
oxeye daisy, Leucanthemum maximum, Chrysanthemum maximum, shasta daisy, Leucanthemum superbum, Chrysanthemum maximum maximum,
Pyrenees daisy, Leucanthemum lacustre, Chrysanthemum lacustre, dusty miller, silver-lace, silver lace,
Tanacetum ptarmiciflorum, Chrysanthemum ptarmiciflorum, tansy, golden buttons, scented fern, Tanacetum vulgare,
crownbeard, crown-beard, crown beard
Member Holonyms:
Compositae, family Compositae, Asteraceae, family Asteraceae, aster family

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