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see also MUSIC
- to move around in time with music: dance; this kind of activity: dancing (noun U); an act of dancing: dance
People started dancing to the music. Let's dance! I'm going to take up dancing. Can I have the next dance with you?
- a person who dances: dancer; if you dance with somebody else, that person is your partner
dancing partners to change partners
- dancing as a form of art or entertainment: dance (noun U)
traditional/modern dance
- a party where people dance together: dance, (formal) ball
an invitation to a dance to go to a ball
- part of a room where people can dance: dance floor
- a large room that is used for traditional kinds of dancing: ballroom
- a place where people dance to popular music on records, etc: disco (plural discos), (formal) discotheque
to go to a disco disco dancing
- a person whose job is to play and to introduce pop music in a disco or on the radio: disc jockey, DJ
※ parties PARTY
※—† different kinds of dancing
- a particular way of dancing: dance
- one movement of a dance: step
I've forgotten the steps.
- to do a particular dance: dance sth
to dance the waltz
- a kind of dancing in which couples do formal dances together, usually holding each other: ballroom dancing (noun U)
- a kind of dancing in which couples are arranged in lines or circles and dance to traditional music: country dancing (noun U)
- a kind of dancing in which you tap different rhythms on the floor with special shoes: tap-dancing (noun U)
- a dance which has a three-beat rhythm: waltz; verb: waltz
- a dance which started in the 1940s in America, using jazz and rock and roll music: jive; verb: jive
- a dance which is traditional in a particular area: folk dance
- a story that is told with music and dancing but without words: ballet; works of this kind: ballet (noun U)
a performance of Tchaikovsky's ballet 'The Nutcracker'
- a person who dances in ballets: ballet dancer; a female dancer can also be called a ballerina
※—† MORE ...
- a person whose job is to plan the movements for a dance: choreographer; this work and the result of it: choreography (noun U)
the ballet 'Les Sylphides', with choreography by Mikhail Fokine

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