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facts that are heard, told or discovered about sth INFORMATION
what you say and how you say it SAY
- to give sb a piece of information: tell* sb (sth), let* sb know (sth), inform sb (about/of sth), inform sb that ※€¦
You never told me you were getting married. Can you tell us about your childhood? Let me know what happens. You'd better inform the police of the accident. He finally informed his boss that he was going to resign.
- a person who gives sb information: (formal) informant
He refused to name his informant.
- to make sth known publicly, in an official way: announce sth
I am very pleased to announce a record increase in half-yearly profits.
- a statement that tells people about sth: announcement
to make an announcement
- a written statement giving information or news that is put where everybody can read it: notice; a board on a wall for putting notices on: noticeboard (AmE bulletin board), board
There's a notice on the board about tomorrow's meeting.
- to give sb information about what has happened, or what you have seen, heard, read, etc: report sth (to sb)
We'd better report this to the police. The accident wasn't even reported in the newspapers.
- to give sb information which they need: brief sb (on sth), fill sb in (on sth)
The minister was fully briefed before the meeting. Can you fill me in on the latest situation?
- something which is reported, or a written or spoken description of an event or a situation: report
We've had a report of renewed fighting in the south of the country. an official report on the state of the economy
- a report or description of sth which has happened: account
He gave us a detailed account of the trial.
- to give sb information about how to get to a certain place: direct sb, give* (sb) directions
Can you direct me to the station?
- to give information (for example to the police) about sb who has done sth wrong: inform on/against sb, (informal) tell* on sb
She would never inform on her own son. You won't tell on me, will you?
- a person who gives information to the police, etc: informer
a police informer
- to give sb wrong information about sth: mislead* sb, misinform sb
We were misled into thinking it was a good investment. I'm afraid you've been misinformed.
- information which gives you the wrong idea is misleading
a misleading advertisement
※ giving wrong information deliberately DECEIVE

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