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a musical work that has been created (Freq. 2)
- the composition is written in four movements
musical composition, composition, piece, piece of music
Derivationally related forms:
compose (for: composition)
morceau, sheet music, musical arrangement, arrangement, realization,
realisation, intermezzo, allegro, allegretto, andante, introit,
solo, duet, duette, duo, trio, quartet,
quartette, quintet, quintette, sextet, sextette, sestet,
septet, septette, octet, octette, bagatelle, divertimento,
serenade, canon, etude, pastorale, pastoral, idyll,
idyl, toccata, fantasia, passage, musical passage, movement,
largo, larghetto, suite, symphonic poem, tone poem, medley,
potpourri, pastiche, nocturne, notturno, adagio, song,
song, study, capriccio, motet, program music,
programme music, incidental music
Part Meronyms:
finale, coda

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