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- to look at written words and sentences and understand them:
read* (sth); noun (U): reading
Could you be a bit quieter - I'm trying to read. We spent Sunday morning in bed reading the papers. I don't have time to do much reading these days.
- a person who reads a book, magazine, etc: reader
Many readers wrote to the editor to complain.
- to read so that you can be heard: read* (sth) aloud/out loud
The teacher asked me to read aloud. She read the letter out loud to all the children.
- to read sth while sb else is listening: read* (sth) to sb
Shall I read you a story?
- to read a message, letter, etc so that other people know what it says: read* sth out
She opened the envelope and read out the letter.
- to continue to read: read* on
I want you all to read on to the end of the chapter.
※—† reading in order to learn sth
- to read a lot about sth so that you learn about it; to make a special study of sth: read* up on sth, read* sth up
I'll have to read up on management techniques before my interview next week.
- to read sth very carefully in order to understand and remember the information: study (sth)
- printed material on a particular subject: literature (noun U)
I'll give you some literature on the subject and you can read about it yourself.
※—† reading sth quickly or incompletely
- to read sth fairly quickly in order to check what has been written, or in order to make a decision: read* sth over, read* sth through, look through sth
Could you read over this letter before I send it off please? I read through the proposal and signed it. Look through this catalogue and decide if you want to buy anything.
- to read sth quickly in order to find a particular piece of information: scan sth
He scanned the newspaper report looking for the name 'Hamilton'.
- to read sth quickly in order to understand the main idea, without paying attention to detail: skim (through) sth
I only had time to skim through the article, but I got the general idea.
- to read a book, magazine, etc from beginning to end: read* sth from cover to cover
The novel was so exciting that I read it from cover to cover without putting it down.
- to look at a book, magazine, etc without reading every part: browse (through sth)
I spent the afternoon browsing in bookshops. She sat in the waiting room browsing through the magazines.
- to choose parts of a book, article, etc which interest you and read them: dip into sth
I haven't read the whole book, I've just dipped into it.
- to intentionally miss pages or paragraphs when reading: skip sth
Skip the next section and turn to page 50.
※—† able to read or to be read
- the ability to read and write: literacy (noun U); opposite: illiteracy (noun U)
adult literacy classes
- a person who can read and write is literate; opposite: illiterate
Only 35% of the population is literate.
- if sb's handwriting or other written words are clear enough to be read easily, the writing is legible (adverb legibly); opposite: illegible (adverb illegibly)
Try to write more legibly. The letter was illegible.
- if sth is easy or enjoyable to read, it is readable; opposite: unreadable
I find her novels quite unreadable.
※—† MORE ...
- a person who has read a lot and knows a lot of things is well-read
George is very well-read - you can ask him about anything and he'll have something to say about it.
- a problem which makes it difficult for sb to learn to read and write: dyslexia (noun U); adjective: dyslexic
a school for dyslexic children

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