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1 Christian beliefs
2 Christian practices
3 different kinds of Christian
other religions
see also GOD, PRAY

1 Christian beliefs
- the religion which is based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ: Christianity, the Christian religion, the Christian Church
- a person whose religion is Christianity: Christian
- the man who Christians believe is the son of God and who established the Christian religion: Jesus Christ
- the mother of Jesus: the Virgin Mary
- (in the Christian religion) the three forms of God: the Trinity; the three parts of the Trinity are the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit/Ghost
- in prayers, etc, God (or Jesus) is often called Lord
Let us give thanks to the Lord.
- the object on which Jesus died: the cross; to kill sb on a cross: crucify sb; noun: crucifixion (noun C/U)
- the return to life of Jesus Christ after the crucifixion: the Resurrection
- the holy book of the Christian religion: the Bible; a copy of this book: bible
- the holy books of religion, such as the Bible: scripture (noun U), the scriptures (noun plural)
a quotation from scripture to read the scriptures
- the first part of the Bible: the Old Testament; the second part: the New Testament
- connected with the Bible: biblical
biblical history
- one of the four main parts of the New Testament: Gospel
St Matthew's/Mark's/Luke's/John's Gospel
- one of the men chosen by Jesus to spread his teaching: apostle
the apostle Matthew

2 Christian practices
- a building where Christians worship: church, (for some Protestant groups) chapel
- a person who attends church regularly: churchgoer
※ more on churches and going to church CHURCH
- a religious ceremony in a church: service
We normally go to evening service.
- the ceremony using bread and wine as symbols of Christ's body and blood: Communion (noun U), Holy Communion (noun U), (especially in the Roman Catholic Church) Mass (also mass)(noun C/U)
I spoke to the priest after Mass.
- a person who conducts services in a church: priest, vicar, minister
※ more on priests, etc PRIEST
- a ceremony using water to make sb a member of the Christian Church: baptism (noun C/U), christening (noun C/U)
- to perform the ceremony of baptism on a person; to give a child a name during the ceremony of baptism: baptize sb, christen sb
Have your children been baptized? He was christened Robert Louis.
- the name given to a child at christening: Christian name
- (in the Roman Catholic Church) the act of telling a priest the bad things that you have done: confession (noun C/U)
- one of the important ceremonies like baptism and Communion in the Catholic and other churches: sacrament
- the time when Christians celebrate the birth of Christ: Christmas
Christmas Day
- the day on which Christians remember the death of Christ: Good Friday
- the time when Christians celebrate the return to life of Christ: Easter
Easter Sunday
- the day on which Christians remember Christ going to heaven: Ascension Day
- a model of a cross with a figure of Jesus: crucifix
- to use your hand to make a shape like a cross on your body: make* the sign of the cross, cross yourself
- a person who is recognized by the Church as having lived a very good or holy life: saint (written abbreviation St)
a painting of St Francis
- a saint who is associated with a particular place or activity: patron saint
St Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland.

3 different kinds of Christian
- a particular group of Christians: Church
- the worldwide Church which has its centre in Rome: the (Roman) Catholic Church; the beliefs and practices of this Church: Catholicism (noun U); a member of this Church: Catholic
- the head of the Roman Catholic Church: the Pope; adjective: papal
- one of the ancient churches of Eastern Europe and the Middle East: Orthodox Church
the Russian/Greek Orthodox Church
- the movement for Church reform in the 16th century: the Reformation
- a reformed Church established after the Reformation is a Protestant Church; the beliefs and practices of Protestant Churches: Protestantism (noun U); a member of a Protestant Church: Protestant
- the established (= official) Church in England: the Church of England, the Anglican Church; the beliefs and practices of this Church: Anglicanism (noun U); a member of this Church: Anglican
- the official Church in Scotland: the Church of Scotland
- a Protestant Church that was founded by John Wesley in the 18th century: the Methodist Church; the beliefs and practices of this Church: Methodism (noun U); a member of this Church: Methodist
- a Protestant Church that gives especial importance to baptism: the Baptist Church; a member of this Church: Baptist

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