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1 producing electricity
2 using electricity
other fuels

1 producing electricity
- a type of energy that provides heat, light, and power to work machines: electricity (noun U)
It's a very powerful motor and uses a lot of electricity. Don't waste electricity!
- connected with electricity: electrical
an electrical engineer
- a place where electricity is produced: power station
- a machine that uses fuel or other kinds of energy to produce electricity: generator
- to produce electricity: generate sth
This new power station will generate enough electricity to meet the needs of much of the south-east of Scotland.
- a unit for measuring the power of electricity: watt (abbreviation W)
a 40-watt light bulb
- a unit for measuring the force of electricity: volt (abbreviation V); the number of volts that sth produces or uses: voltage (noun U)
a 9-volt battery
- the flow of electricity through a wire: current; a unit for measuring this: amp
an electric current a 13-amp fuse
※—† batteries
- a device that provides electricity for a radio, torch, car, etc: battery
I need a new battery for my watch a car/radio/torch battery
- a car battery that has no more power is flat; a battery for a radio, etc that has no more power is dead
I couldn't start the car this morning, because the battery was flat.
- a battery which is losing power is running down
'What's wrong with this torch?' 'I think the batteries are running down.'
- a battery that you can use again is rechargeable
- when a rechargeable battery stops working, you have to recharge it
- a thing you use to recharge a battery: (battery) charger

2 using electricity
- using electricity: electric
an electric light/heater/blanket/cooker
- using electricity or connected with electricity: electrical
Note: we use electric for specific machines that use electricity
an electric shaver/motor; we use electrical in a more general sense
electrical equipment electrical goods.
- a device that allows you to turn an appliance on or off: switch
- if you want to use sth which is electrical, you put* it on, turn it on, switch it on
It's dark in here, can you put the light on, please? Turn on the radio.
- if you want to stop using sth, you turn it off, switch it off
Can you switch off the cooker for me, please? Turn the telly off before you go to bed.
- to put off a light: turn sth out, put* sth out
She turned out the light/turned the light out.
- a hole in a wall where you can connect sth to the electricity supply: socket, power point
- a plastic or rubber object with two or three metal pins, that is put into a socket to allow electricity to pass into an appliance: plug
- to put sth into a socket: plug sth in; to take sth out of the socket: unplug sth, take* the plug out
It's obvious why it's not working; it's not plugged in! Please unplug the computer when you've finished with it.
- a device that allows you to put more than one plug into the same socket or to use different kinds of plug: adaptor
- if you have to use equipment far away from a socket, you need an extension lead
- wire covered with plastic that carries electricity: wire (noun C/U)
- a wire that connects an appliance to its plug: flex
- the plastic tube that protects the wire: insulation (noun U)
- to connect the flex to a plug: wire a plug
- the system of wires in a building: wiring (noun U)
- a thin wire or a part of a plug that protects electrical equipment from a voltage that is too high: fuse
- when a piece of equipment stops working because a fuse has melted, it fuses, blows* a fuse; to cause a piece of equipment to do this: fuse sth
All of a sudden the lights fused and we were plunged into darkness. I think I must have fused the lights.
- the quantity of electricity that you use is measured with a meter
- a person who comes to check how much electricity you have used: meter reader
- a piece of paper that tells you how much electricity you have used and how much it costs: electricity bill
- a company that supplies electricity: electricity company
- when the electricity company decides to stop the supply of electricity, they cut* off the electricity
- when your house receives no electricity for a short time, there is a power cut, the electricity goes* off
- when the electricity returns, it comes* back on
'The light's gone off!' 'I expect there's been a power cut. It'll probably come back on in a little while.'
- a person who puts the wiring or electrical appliances into a building or does repairs: electrician
※—† MORE ...
- a large metal structure that holds the power line: (electricity) pylon
- electricity generated by water: hydroelectricity (noun U); adjective: hydroelectric
hydroelectric power
- a generator which uses the energy of the sun: solar panel
- a wire that carries electricity is live
Be careful not to touch the live wire!
- a wire that makes an appliance safer by connecting it to the ground: earth (AmE ground)
- the effect on your body when some electricity goes through it: (electric) shock
Don't touch that wire - you'll get a shock.
- to be killed by electricity: be electrocuted

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