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any of various ornamental climbing plants of the genus Clematis usually having showy flowers
vine, climber
pine hyacinth, Clematis baldwinii, Viorna baldwinii, blue jasmine, blue jessamine,
curly clematis, marsh clematis, Clematis crispa, pipestem clematis, Clematis lasiantha, curly-heads,
Clematis ochreleuca, golden clematis, Clematis tangutica, scarlet clematis, Clematis texensis, leather flower,
Clematis versicolor, vase-fine, vase vine, Clematis viorna, virgin's bower, old man's beard,
devil's darning needle, Clematis virginiana, traveler's joy, traveller's joy, Clematis vitalba, purple clematis,
purple virgin's bower, mountain clematis, Clematis verticillaris
Member Holonyms:
genus Clematis

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