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1 cooking
2 preparing food for cooking
3 things that you add to food when you are cooking
4 heating food in order to cook it
cooking particular foods
see also FOOD, KITCHEN

1 cooking
- to prepare and cook food: cook; noun (U): cooking
I'll cook if you wash up. I love cooking. I can't watch TV, I've got to do the cooking.
- to prepare a particular food by heating it: cook sth, do* sth
If you cook the potatoes, I'll make the salad. How shall I do the chops?
- to put different foods together to produce sth to eat: make* sth
Can you make the soup? I'm making spaghetti Bolognese for dinner.
- to prepare a meal: make* sth, get* sth, cook sth
Who'll make the lunch? I'll get dinner tonight. I can't stay. I've got to go and cook the supper.
- instructions on how to make sth to eat: recipe
Make sure you follow the recipe.
- a book with recipes in it: recipe book, cookery book, cookbook
- a type of food prepared in a particular way: dish
There are some really nice dishes in that recipe book. a vegetarian dish
- a person whose job is to cook: cook
- a person who works as the chief cook in a hotel or restaurant: chef
- if a person is good/bad at cooking, he/she is a good/bad cook
We had a great meal - he's a really good cook.
- a person or business that provides food or drink, for example for a party or a public occasion: caterer
We can get caterers in for the wedding.
- the activity or business of providing food or drink: catering (noun U)
She runs a successful catering company.

2 preparing food for cooking
- the things you that need in order to make sth to eat: ingredients (noun plural)
Get all the ingredients ready before you start cooking.
- to measure the amount of food you need by using kitchen scales: weigh sth
- the amount of sth that can be contained in a spoon: spoonful
a teaspoonful of salt
- the amount of sth that can be contained in a cup: cupful
a cupful of flour
※ more on weighing things WEIGHT
- to cut sth into pieces using a knife: cut* sth (up)
Cut the meat up into small pieces.
- to cut sth (usually vegetables and fruit) into small pieces using a knife: chop sth (up)
Chop the onion finely.
- to cut sth into small cubes: dice sth
Dice the potatoes and add to the soup.
- to take the skin off a fruit or vegetable: peel sth
to peel an apple
- to mix two or more types of food together: mix sth, blend sth
Mix the flour and sugar together in a bowl.
- to mix sth quickly with a fork: beat* sth
Beat the flour and other ingredients together.
- with a whisk you whisk or whip eggs, cream, etc to make them light or stiff
whipped cream
- with a sieve you sieve food in order to separate solids from liquids or very small pieces of food from larger pieces
Sieve the flour before adding it to the mixture.
- with a wooden spoon you stir ingredients so as to mix them together slowly
- with a rolling pin you roll out pastry (= a mixture of flour, water and fat that is used for making pies and cakes)
- with a grater you grate food (for example cheese, carrots) into small pieces
- an electric machine which cuts up and mixes food: food processor
- an electric machine which mixes food, for example, to make a cake: (food) mixer
- an electric machine which makes food into liquid: liquidizer, blender; to make food into liquid: liquidize sth
Liquidize all the ingredients before adding to the soup.

3 things that you add to food when you are cooking
- a substance, usually made from part of a plant, which is used to give flavour to food: spice (noun C/U); tasting of spices: spicy; some common spices are pepper (noun U), ginger (noun U), cinnamon (noun U)
mixed spices Indian food is hot and spicy.
- the leaf of a plant used for giving food flavour: herb; some common herbs are mint (noun U), parsley (noun U), basil (noun U)
dried herbs a herb garden
- a mixture of spices often used to make Indian food: curry powder (noun U)
- something that you add to food or drink to give it a particular taste: flavouring (AmE flavoring) (noun C/U); to add flavouring to food: flavour (AmE flavor) sth
strawberry flavouring
- to add salt, pepper, spices, etc to food: season sth; noun (U): seasoning
Season with salt and pepper if desired. Add a little more seasoning.
- a small amount of salt held between thumb and finger: pinch of salt
- a white or brown powder made from grain and used to make bread, cakes, biscuits, etc; it is sometimes used to make food thicker: flour (noun U); a special flour used to make food thicker: cornflour (noun U)
- a liquid made from meat or vegetables and added to soups, for example: stock (noun U)
vegetable stock a stock cube (= a cube of dried stock)
※ more on flour FLOUR

4 heating food in order to cook it
- (used about food) to be prepared for eating by being heated: cook; to prepare food by heating it: cook sth
What can I smell cooking? Cook the chicken in a hot oven.
- something which has finished cooking and is ready to eat is cooked, done
Is the rice done yet?
- to make food that has already been cooked hot again: heat sth up
For lunch we could heat up what was left from yesterday.
- to cook sth too much: overcook sth; opposite: undercook sth
- food which has been cooked too much is overcooked, overdone; food which has not been cooked enough is undercooked, underdone
overcooked vegetables I'm sorry, the fish is a bit underdone.
- something which has not been cooked is raw
raw vegetables/meat
- to cook sth too much so that it becomes black: burn sth
I've burned the cake. burnt toast
- a metal container that is used for cooking: pan, saucepan
pots and pans a large saucepan a non-stick pan (= with a special surface to stop food sticking to it)
- a shallow container for food; you can use it to cook sth in the oven or to serve food on the table: dish
a casserole dish
- metal that is very thin like paper and is used for cooking: (aluminium/kitchen) foil (noun U)
Wrap the meat in aluminium foil before placing it in the oven.
※—† cookers
- a piece of equipment for heating food in order to cook it: cooker
a gas/electric cooker
- the part of a cooker where the food is cooked by heat from above: grill
- the part of a cooker which has a door and which you put things inside in order to cook them: oven
Bake the pie in a hot/moderate/cool oven.
- one of the parts on top of a cooker on which you put saucepans in order to heat food: (gas/electric) ring
- a ring when it is hot: heat
Take the saucepan off the heat. a high/medium/low heat
- the fire on the ring or in the oven of a gas cooker: gas (noun U)
Put it on the gas.
- to change the temperature of sth: turn sth up/down
Turn up the heat/gas.
- one of the switches which control the amount of heat: knob
Push the knob in and turn it.
- an electric machine which cooks food or makes it hot very quickly: microwave (oven)
- to cook food in a microwave: microwave sth
You can either microwave it or put it in the oven.
※—† cooking food in hot water
- (used about food) to be cooked in boiling (= very hot) water: boil; to cook food in this way: boil sth; cooked in this way: boiled
Are the potatoes boiling? Boil the potatoes for about twelve minutes. boiled eggs
- to begin to boil: come* to the boil; to heat sth until it boils: bring* sth to the boil
When the water comes to the boil, add the pasta.
- to boil too much so that liquid goes over the sides of the pan: boil over
Watch the milk - it's about to boil over.
- to boil slowly and gently: simmer; to cook sth in this way: simmer sth
Let the liquid simmer gently for a few minutes. Simmer the sauce on a low heat for about ten minutes.
- to cook sth in steam: steam sth; cooked in this way: steamed
steamed vegetables
- to move a spoon round and round in a liquid: stir sth
Stir the mixture frequently to prevent it sticking to the bottom of the pan.
- to remove all the water after cooking vegetables, pasta, etc: strain sth, drain sth
Drain the vegetables.
※—† cooking food in hot fat
- to cook sth (usually in a frying pan) in fat: fry sth; food cooked in this way is fried
fried eggs
- liquid fat which comes from plants: oil (noun U)
cooking oil olive/sunflower oil
- hard white fat from animals: lard (noun U)
※—† cooking food in an oven
- (used about meat, etc) to be cooked in an oven: roast; to cook food in this way: roast sth; cooked in this way: roast (only before a noun)
The turkey is roasting in the oven. I'm going to roast a chicken. We're having roast chicken for dinner.
- (used especially about bread, cakes, etc) to be cooked in an oven: bake; to cook food in this way: bake sth; cooked in this way: baked
I could smell bread baking in the oven. to bake a cake baked fish
- to cook meat and vegetables in liquid for a long time in an oven: stew sth, casserole sth; cooked in this way: stewed
Stew the meat for two hours. stewed beef/chicken
- food that has been cooked by stewing: stew (noun C/U), casserole (noun C/U)
Would you like some more stew? a chicken casserole
※—† other ways of cooking
- to cook food under a grill: grill sth; cooked in this way: grilled; a pan used for grilling: grill pan
Shall I grill the fish or fry it? grilled steak
- to cook meat, etc over an open fire outdoors: barbecue sth; cooked in this way: barbecued

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