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the branch of biology that studies heredity and variation in organisms
genetic science
Derivationally related forms:
genetic, genetical, geneticist
Members of this Topic:
dominant, recessive, haploid, haploidic, monoploid,
diploid, polyploid, triploid, homozygous, heterozygous, monogenic,
polygenic, univalent, bivalent, double, multivalent, parental,
filial, transformation, hybridization, hybridisation, crossbreeding, crossing,
cross, interbreeding, hybridizing, mapping, chromosome mapping, carrier,
amphidiploid, heteroploid, hybrid, crossbreed, vector, cosmid,
character, unit character, inheritance, hereditary pattern, heterosis, hybrid vigor,
linkage, gene linkage, zygote, fertilized ovum, heterozygote, homozygote,
gene, cistron, factor, allele, allelomorph, haplotype,
XX, XXX, XXY, XY, XYY, sex chromosome,
Mendel's law, recombination, mutation, genetic mutation, chromosomal mutation, deletion,
inversion, transposition, insertional mutagenesis, point mutation, gene mutation, reversion,
saltation, dominance, position effect, polymorphism, single nucleotide polymorphism, SNP,
expression, meiosis, miosis, reduction division, replication, segregation,
transcription, transduction, translation, translocation, translate
biology, biological science
cytogenetics, genomics, proteomics, molecular genetics, pharmacogenetics

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