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1. having or covered with hair (Freq. 2)
- Jacob was a hairy man
- a hairy caterpillar
haired, hirsute
Similar to:
canescent, hoary, coarse-haired, coarse-furred, comate,
comose, comal, curly-haired, curly-coated, dark-haired, dark-coated,
downy, pubescent, puberulent, sericeous, floccose, furlike,
furred, furry, fuzzed, fuzzy, glossy-haired, glossy-coated,
glossy-furred, hispid, lanate, woolly, long-haired, pappose,
pilous, pilose, pilary, rough-haired, shock-headed, short-haired,
silky-haired, silver-haired, smooth-haired, snake-haired, soft-haired, stiff-haired,
thick-haired, tomentose, tomentous, velvety-furred, velvety-haired, wire-haired,
wiry-coated, wiry, wooly, wooly-haired, woolly-haired
Derivationally related forms:
hirsuteness (for: hirsute), hair, hairiness
2. hazardous and frightening
- hairy moments in the mountains
Similar to:

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