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1. any of several eruptive skin diseases characterized by hard thick lesions grouped together and resembling lichens growing on rocks
skin disease, disease of the skin, skin disorder
lichen planus, lichen ruber planus
2. any thallophytic plant of the division Lichenes;
occur as crusty patches or bushy growths on tree trunks or rocks or bare ground etc.
ascolichen, basidiolichen, lecanora, roccella, Roccella tinctoria,
beard lichen, beard moss, Usnea barbata, horsehair lichen, horsetail lichen, reindeer moss,
reindeer lichen, arctic moss, Cladonia rangiferina, crottle, crottal, crotal,
Iceland moss, Iceland lichen, Cetraria islandica
Member Holonyms:
Lichenes, division Lichenes

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