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1 letting sth be seen
2 showing sb a place
3 giving information
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1 letting sth be seen
- to make it possible for a person to see sb/sth: show* sb/sth (to sb), show* sb sb/sth, let* sb see* sb/sth
Show me your photos. She showed the picture to him. Please show your ticket at the gate.
- to show sth so that sb else can examine it: produce sth
You'll have to produce your passport when you check in at the hotel.
- to use your finger or a stick to make sb see sth: point (at/to sb/sth)
She pointed at me and said it was my fault. I pointed to the thing I wanted.
- to make sb notice sb/sth: point sb/sth out (to sb)
Can you point him out to me when we get to the party?
- to use your hands or a part of your body to show sth: indicate sth
The man indicated, with a nod of his head, that he understood.
- to allow a particular feeling or quality to be seen or expressed: show* sth, display sth; noun: display
Her face showed how happy she was. to show your feelings a display of courage
- to show sth that was previously hidden: reveal sth
The curtains opened to reveal a stage full of children.
- to allow sth to be seen: show* sth
This carpet is a good colour - it doesn't show the dirt.
- to be able to be seen: show*
If you turn the cloth round, the stain won't show.
※—† exhibitions
- to put sth in a place where people will see it: show* sth, display sth; an arrangement of things for people to see: display
We will show our new dress collection at the beginning of next year. Her work was displayed on the walls of every room. a beautiful display of roses
- an occasion on which the public can see a display of things: show, display; the things are on show, on display
a fashion show a firework display The competition entries are on show in the town hall.
- a collection of objects, particularly paintings, sculptures, etc that the public can go to see: exhibition; one of these objects: exhibit; the objects are on exhibition, on view
an art exhibition an exhibition of famous pictures The museum has more than two thousand exhibits. The paintings are on view until next month.
- to show pictures, sculptures, etc to the public: exhibit sth
Her work has been exhibited all over Europe.
- a large exhibition of commercial or industrial goods: fair
a trade fair a book fair

2 showing sb a place
- to take a person to see the different parts of a place: show* sb round/around (sth); a person who does this as a job: guide
Would you like me to show you round the city? The exhibition is in several rooms - the guides will show you around.
- to take a person to see the different parts of a building, etc: show* sb over sth
I was shown all over the factory. They showed us over the new extension to the hospital.
- to show a person how to get somewhere: show* sb to a place, show* sb the way (to a place)
Could you show me the way out, please?
- to help a person to find the right way to go: guide sb
She guided me through the narrow streets to the cathedral.

3 giving information
- to allow a person to see how to do sth: show* sth to sb, show* sb sth, demonstrate sth to sb; noun: demonstration
I showed him how to make a fruit cake. Please show me what to do next. The stewardess demonstrated the emergency procedures. to give a demonstration of how to do sth
- information about how to do sth: directions (noun plural)
Just follow the directions on the packet - they're very clear.
※—† signs
- something that is written or drawn that gives information: mark
A mark on the side of the building indicated where the water had risen to.
- a machine or device that gives information: indicator
We could see from the indicator that we were getting low in petrol.
- a sign, etc that shows or points to sth: indication
He gave no indication that he was angry.
※ more on signs SIGN

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