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see also PLANT, GARDEN
- a short green plant with thin leaves which grows in parks, gardens and fields: grass (noun U)
Don't walk on the grass. a field of long grass
- a single piece of grass: blade of grass
- a flat area of grass, usually next to a house, which is cut regularly: lawn
They were playing on the lawn.
- short, thick grass and the layer of soil underneath it: turf (noun U)
- covered with lots of growing grass: grassy
a grassy plain
- a field of grass for animals to eat: meadow
- an area of land where farmers grow grass to feed animals: pasture (noun C/U)
- grass which is cut and dried and used as food for animals: hay (noun U); a large pile of hay: haystack
- land covered with grass: grassland (noun U), grasslands (noun plural)
- a wild open area of high land that is covered with grass: moor (often plural), moorland (noun U/C)
- a very large area of flat grassy land with few trees, especially in North America: prairie
※—† cutting grass
- to cut an area of grass with a machine: cut* the grass, mow* the lawn
When are you going to mow the lawn?
- a machine for cutting grass: mower, lawnmower
an electric lawnmower

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