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1 hair on the head, face, etc
2 different kinds of hair
3 looking after your hair
hair on animals
see also HEAD, FACE

1 hair on the head, face, etc
- one of the long thin things that grow on the skin of people and animals: hair
The dog left hairs all over the furniture.
- the hairs that grow in a mass on top of your head: hair (noun U)
She's got lovely hair.
- having a lot of hair: hairy
- the hair which grows on a man's cheeks and chin: beard; adjective: bearded (only before a noun)
Has your father got a beard? He's growing a beard. a tall, bearded man in a hat
- the hair which grows on a man's top lip between the mouth and the nose: moustache (AmE mustache)
He's growing a moustache.
- the hair that grows on a man's face in front of his ears: sideboards (noun plural) (AmE sideburns)
- if a man does not have any hair on his face, he is clean-shaven
- hair that grows on the body: body hair (noun U)
- hair that grows around the sex organs: pubic hair (noun U)

2 different kinds of hair
- light-coloured hair is fair; opposite: dark; a person with fair hair is fair-haired; opposite: dark-haired
- fair or yellowish hair is blond; a woman who has this colour of hair: blonde; adjective: blonde
The picture showed a blonde woman wearing dark glasses.
- a white woman who has dark brown hair: brunette
She's a brunette.
- dull brown hair is mousy
- light orange hair is ginger
- reddish brown hair is red, auburn, chestnut
- a person (especially a woman) who has red hair: redhead; adjective: redheaded
- a piece of hair that curves round: curl; verb: curl
Does your hair curl naturally?
- your hair can be long, shortmedium length
short curly hair
- hair that is smooth and nice to touch is soft
- hair that grows thickly is bushy
He had very bushy eyebrows.

3 looking after your hair
※—† things you use
- a piece of metal or plastic with a row of narrow pointed parts (teeth) for making your hair tidy: comb; verb: comb sth
I must go and comb my hair.
- a tool with stiff pointed parts for making your hair tidy: hairbrush, brush
- to make hair tidy using a brush: brush sth; noun: brush
She brushed the children's hair. to give your hair a good brush
- a tool for cutting hair (and other things): scissors (noun plural)
- a small tool that you can use for pulling out single hairs: tweezers (noun plural)
- a sharp instrument for cutting hair off the skin: razor
- a thin sharp piece of metal that you put in a razor: razor blade
- to remove hair with a razor: shave sth (off), (used about a man shaving his face) shave, have a shave
I decided to shave my beard off. He looks as if he hasn't shaved for a week. I had a wash and a shave and felt much better.
- a soft brush that is used to put soap on the skin before shaving: shaving-brush
- a kind of soap that you often buy in an aerosol can, and that you use for shaving: shaving foam (noun U), shaving-cream (noun U)
- an electric tool that is used for shaving: shaver
- a liquid that you use for washing your hair: shampoo (noun U); when you use this, you shampoo your hair
a bottle of shampoo
- a liquid that keeps your hair in good condition: conditioner (noun U)
- a liquid in a special container that is sprayed on hair to keep it in place: hairspray (noun U)
- a machine that you use for drying hair: dryer, hairdryer
※—† going to the hairdresser
- a person whose job is to cut, wash and arrange people's hair: hairdresser, (especially in women's hairdressing) stylist; the work of a hairdresser: hairdressing (noun U)
- a shop where a hairdresser works: hairdresser's
- a man who cuts men's hair: barber; his shop is called a barber's
- to make hair short by using scissors, etc: cut* sth
I'm going to get my hair cut.
- when sb cuts your hair, you have a haircut
Do you think I need a haircut?
- to cut hair a little in order to make it neat and tidy: trim sth; noun: trim
Just give it a trim, please.
- to arrange sb's hair while it is wet so that it becomes curly or wavy: set* sb's hair
She went to the hairdresser's to have her hair set.
- the treatment of hair with special chemicals in order to make it curly or wavy: perm; verb: perm sth
to have your hair permed
- to work on a person's hair (to cut it, brush it, etc): do* sb's hair
Can you do my hair today? I must get my hair done.
- to change the colour of your hair: dye sth
I'm sure she dyes her hair. I'm going to dye my hair red.
- to change the colour of your hair a little bit: tint sth
She had her hair tinted.
※—† styles of hair
- the way in which your hair has been cut or arranged: hairstyle, style
A short hairstyle doesn't suit him.
- the way in which your hair has been cut: cut, haircut
- an arrangement of your hair in a particular way by a hairdresser: (informal) hairdo (plural hairdos)
I've just had a new hairdo.
- to cut or arrange sb's hair in a particular way: style sth
I can see you've had your hair styled.
- to let your hair become longer: grow* your hair, let* your hair grow
- to fasten your hair in position: tie sth
Her hair was tied in a bow.
- a long thin piece of material that is used for tying or decorating the hair: ribbon
- to make plaits: plait (AmE braid) sth
※—† problems with hair
- a person who has lost all or most of the hair on top of their head is bald; noun (U): baldness
My dad's starting to go bald.
- a covering of false hair that you wear on your head to hide your own hair or because you are bald: wig, hairpiece
- small pieces of dead skin in the hair that look like white dust: dandruff (noun U)
anti-dandruff shampoo

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