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see also TREE
- a hard material that forms the trunk or branches of a tree, and is used for burning or for making objects: wood (noun U)
Most furniture is made of wood.
- made of wood: wooden
wooden furniture wooden toys
- wood from an oak tree, pine tree, etc: oak (noun U), pine (noun U), etc
a solid oak table
- wood that is going to be used for building: timber (noun U)
- the trunk or a large branch of a tree that has been cut down: log
The logs are transported from the forests to the sawmills in large trucks.
- a long flat piece of wood that is used for making for floors, etc: plank
- a short, thin piece of wood, often from the branch of a tree: stick
I'm going to look for some sticks to start the fire.
- a very small, sharp piece of wood: splinter
I've got a splinter in my finger!
- wood that is used for burning on a fire: firewood (noun U)
- a piece of wood for a fire: log
Could you put another log on the fire?
※ more on fires and burning FIRE
※—† working with wood
- a person whose job is to make and repair wooden objects: carpenter; the work of a carpenter: carpentry (noun U)
- to cut wood (or stone) in order to make an object or to put a pattern or writing on it: carve sth; noun (U): carving; a person who does this: carver
a wood carving
- something, usually made of wood, which has been carved: carving
a carving of a lion
- a tool that is used to cut wood: saw
- a saw that is driven by a motor and has teeth on a moving chain: chainsaw
- to cut wood using a saw: saw* sth
- to cut a piece of wood into pieces using a saw: saw* sth up
We had to saw up the furniture to use as firewood.
- to remove a piece of wood or a branch from a tree using a saw: saw* sth off
- very small pieces of wood that fall like powder when you are sawing: sawdust (noun U)
- a tool with a wooden handle and a metal blade, used for cutting wood: axe (AmE ax)
- to cause sth such as a tree to fall by using an axe: cut*/chop sth down
to cut down a tree I'll chop some more wood for the fire.
※ other tools used with wood TOOL
- strong paper with a rough surface that is used to rub wood to make it smoother: sandpaper (noun U)
- to make the surface of sth smooth by using sandpaper: sand sth (down)
Sand down the window frames before painting.
- a clear liquid that you put onto wood and other hard surfaces to protect them and make them shine: varnish (noun U); to put varnish on sth: varnish sth
- a special cream which is used for cleaning and protecting things, especially wood: polish (noun U); to make sth shine using polish: polish sth
※—† MORE ...
- if wood becomes old and starts to decay, it rots, it becomes rotten
Some of these floorboards are rotten and will have to be replaced.
- if a piece of wood becomes bent or twisted, especially because of heat or damp, it warps, it becomes warped

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