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- a piece of equipment that can help you do a particular job: tool
a set of garden tools power tools (= tools that run on electricity)
- a tool used especially for delicate or scientific work: instrument
surgical instruments
- a tool or machine: device, (informal) gadget
a kitchen full of electrical gadgets
- a tool used for outdoor work: implement
farm implements
- all the things, such as tools, machines, clothing, that are needed for a particular activity: equipment (noun U), gear (noun U)
camping equipment/gear a piece of climbing equipment
- a number of tools which are used for a certain purpose: set, kit
a set of spanners a bicycle-repair kit
- to use a chisel: chisel sth (into sth)
lettering chiselled into the stone
- to use a file: file sth
- to use a plane: plane sth
to plane sth smooth
- to make a hole with a drill: drill sth
You need to drill another hole just here.
- to hold sth with a clamp: clamp sth (to sth)
- a table that you can work on, attach tools to, etc: workbench
- a heavy wooden hammer: mallet
- a very large and heavy kind of spanner: wrench
- to hit sth with a hammer: hammer sth
to hammer a nail into a piece of wood
- the activity of using a hammer, or the sound of one being used: hammering
the noise of hammering
- to join two things together with a nail: nail sth (to sth), knock a nail (in/into sth)
to nail two bits of wood together to knock a nail in the wall
- to connect sth to sth else with a screw or screws; to join two or more things with a screw or screws: screw sth (into/onto sth); opposite: unscrew sth
to screw a lock onto the door The shelves were screwed into the wall.
- to turn a screw, etc until it cannot turn any more: tighten sth; opposite: loosen sth
I can't tighten this screw any more.
- if sth has been tightened, it is tight; opposite: loose
Can you check that the screws are tight? That nut's rather loose; perhaps you'd better tighten it a bit.
- when, after a while, a nut or a screw which had been tightened is loose, it comes* loose
A screw came loose and the handle came off.

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