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I - adjective
deficient in amount or quality or extent
- meager resources
- meager fare
meager, meagre, stingy, scrimpy
ample (for: meager)
Similar to:
bare, scanty, spare, exiguous, hand-to-mouth,
hardscrabble, measly, miserable, paltry
See Also:
insufficient, deficient, minimal, minimum, scarce
Derivationally related forms:
meagreness (for: meagre), meagerness (for: meager)
sufficiency, adequacy

II - adverb
to a meager degree or in a meager manner
- these voices are meagerly represented at the conference
- the area is slenderly endowed with natural resources
sparingly, slenderly, meagrely
Derived from adjective:
slender (for: slenderly), sparing (for: sparingly), meager

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