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1 being calm
2 becoming calm
3 not being calm
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1 being calm
※—† calm people
- if you are quiet and do not get excited, you are calm (adverb calmly)
Try to keep calm - there's no need to panic. The Prime Minister took the news of his defeat calmly.
- if you are calm and you have your feelings under control, you are composed, cool; nouns (U): composure, coolness
the ability to keep cool in a crisis He showed great composure in a difficult situation.
- if you stay calm in a difficult situation you keep* your head, keep* your cool, stay cool
When the tyre burst, Ingrid kept her head and managed to steer to the side of the road. Don't panic! Stay cool!
- if you are not worried, you are relaxed, (informal) laid-back
She's looking much more relaxed now after her holiday. a laid-back attitude to life
※—† calm places and situations
- if there is no noise or unpleasant disturbance, a place is calm, quiet, peaceful; nouns (U): calm, peacefulness
The city is calm again after last night's riots. We camped in a peaceful spot beside the lake. the calm of a summer evening
- (used about the sea) with no big waves: calm
- (used about the weather) with no wind: calm
a calm day

2 becoming calm
- to become calm after a period of excitement, anger, etc: calm (down), cool down, quieten (down)
When I explained what had actually happened she soon calmed down. Cool down! What are you so angry about? Quieten down, everyone!
- to cause sb/sth to become calm: calm sb/sth (down), quieten sb/sth, soothe sb/sth, pacify sb/sth
I tried to calm him down but he was furious. to soothe a crying child
- something which helps sb/sth to become calm is calming, soothing
The ticking of the clock had a calming effect on the baby. a soothing voice
- a thing that gives a relaxed, peaceful feeling is restful
quiet, restful music
- to become less worried, frightened, etc: relax; to cause sb to become relaxed: relax sb
I was so tense - I just couldn't relax.
- to relax and not work too hard or worry: take* it/things easy
After his heart attack Pete was told by his doctor to take things a bit easier.
- to say or do sth to make sb/sth feel less frightened, worried or nervous: reassure sb/sth; noun (U): reassurance; adjective: reassuring
I tried to reassure him that everything would be all right. It was very reassuring to see the lights of home.
- to calm sb down, you can say Calm down or Relax or (informal) Cool it
Calm down and tell me what happened. Relax - you're home now.

3 not being calm
- if you are worried or not feeling comfortable you are uneasy, nervous, tense, anxious
Hannah hated flying and was feeling a bit uneasy about her trip to Hong Kong. Do you get nervous before exams?
- a sudden feeling of fear that makes you do things without thinking carefully about them: panic (noun C/U); to experience panic: panic; adjectives: panic-stricken, (informal) panicky
Keep calm! Don't panic! The police will be here in a minute. Her voice sounded panicky.
- if you are rather angry about sth, you are irritated (about sth)
He gets irritated if you keep him waiting.
- feeling very happy because you are looking forward to sth happening; not calm: excited
The children are getting too excited - tell them to calm down.
- if you are unable to relax because you are bored, nervous or impatient you are restless; noun (U): restlessness
I spent a restless night worrying about my interview.
※ causing you not to be calm AFRAID, ANGRY, EXCITED, WORRY
※—† MORE ...
- a drug or medicine that makes you calm or sleepy: sedative, tranquillizer

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