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getting your hair cut HAIR
cutting meat MEAT
cutting other food COOK
cutting grass GRASS
cutting wood WOOD

- to make an opening, wound or mark in sth using a sharp tool, for example a knife: cut* sth
Ouch! I've cut my finger! I cut myself shaving.
- to remove sth from sth larger using a sharp tool such as a knife or scissors: cut* sth (from sth/out of sth/off sth), cut* sth out/off
She cut the dead flowers off the rose bush. He cut out the bad part of the apple.
※ more on knives and other tools KNIFE/FORK/SPOON, TOOL
- to divide sth into pieces with a knife, etc: cut* sth (in/into ※€¦)
I'll cut the cake into eight.
- to make a shape by removing material with a sharp tool, for example scissors: cut* sth out
The children cut out circles and stuck them onto pieces of card.
- to be able to cut; to be able to be cut: cut*
This knife doesn't cut very well. This paper doesn't cut very easily.
- something which cuts things well is sharp; noun (U): sharpness; something which cuts badly is blunt; noun (U): bluntness
a sharp/blunt knife test the sharpness of a carving knife
- to make sth sharp: sharpen sth
to get scissors sharpened
- to cut using scissors, with a short, quick action: snip sth; noun: snip
Could you just snip this piece of thread for me, please?
- to cut a long narrow opening in sth: slit* sth; noun: slit
to slit open an envelope a skirt with a slit up the back
- to cut sth like paper into small, thin pieces: shred sth
to shred paper
- to cut sth (especially food) into flat pieces: slice sth (up)
Slice the mushrooms and add them to the sauce.
- to cut sth (especially food or wood) into pieces: chop sth (up)
Now chop the onions and put them in the frying pan. to chop logs
- to cut sth with long strokes: slash sth; noun: slash
Somebody had slashed our car tyres.
- to cut sth, making a long, deep wound: gash sth; noun: gash
She had a horrible gash in her leg from the accident.
- to cut sth using rough strokes with a tool such as a large knife or an axe: hack sth
The victim had been hacked to death with an axe.
- to cut sth with the teeth: bite* (sth); noun: bite
Mind the dog - it sometimes bites. to bite into an apple Do you want a bite of this apple?
- to cut sth by making a mark on a surface or by making a small wound on sb's skin, with sth sharp: scratch sth; an act of scratching or a place which has been scratched: scratch
Someone had scratched the paintwork on the car. 'Ouch! I've cut myself!' 'Don't be silly - it's only a little scratch.'
※—† MORE ...
- to cut off a person's arm or leg (or part of it) for medical reasons: amputate sth; noun (C/U): amputation
He had to have his leg amputated.
- to cut up a dead body, plant, etc, in order to study its structure: dissect sth; noun (C/U): dissection

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